Important Things to Know About Windows Phone 8.1

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Microsoft to Windows 8.1
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gestured during his keynote address at the company's ''build'' conference in San Francisco, California April 2, 2014. REUTERS

Microsoft's Window Phone made it to headlines because of Cortna - the company's rendition of a personal digital assistant. Cortana is only available in the US to date. Nonetheless, there are several features of the Windows 8.1 which users may find interesting and useful.


It is Microsoft's version of Siri. According to reports, Cortana can be considered as most personal of all digital personal assistants today. The feature is developed by Bing. This personal assistant features tries to get to know the user by learning about the person's preferences and interests. Cortana can look out for the user in such that it can offer practical and proactive suggestions. The assistant comes with a multitude of alerts and three planners. She offers reminders based on people and links those reminders to emails, text messages and calls. Similar to Siri, Cortana can also converse with the user.


The Windows 8.1 offers a great camera feature. The device comes with 41MP shooter that offers an extremely high and detailed photo definition. Photograpy enthusiasts should find this a good device to use. It is also easy to edit and share photos with other people.

Xbox right in your pocket

This is a gift for gamers. This is the only handset available yet that offers a built-in Xbox feature. People can connect constantly to their games and achievements. It is also possible to link to Xbox friends while also connected to other devices like the computer, laptop or the Xbox Console. The phone app comes with the Xbox video and Xbox Music.

Windows Phone claims to be the most personal handset in the world. The device comes with Live Tiles that allows users to arrange personalized information on their Start Screen. People can pin their preferred music, games, apps and other updates for social media sharing. 

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