Immigration NZ Baffled By ‘House’ Star Hugh Laurie’s Twitter Rant


British actor Hugh Laurie is angry at the immigration authorities of New Zealand for their “impertinence,” but Immigration New Zealand doesn’t know why. The erstwhile “House” star suddenly posted a rant on Twitter on Wednesday, suggesting that he was mistreated by immigration representative.

Laurie, 54, announced his first ever music tour in New Zealand in April, and judging by his recent tweets, he is presumed to have applied for a visa for his wife, Jo Green, as well.

But apparently, his visa application didn’t go as smoothly as expected, and he let his followers know how frustrated he is with the process.

But Immigration NZ was baffled by Laurie’s outburst as it has no records indicating that Laurie has contacted the office for visa application.

“Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has checked with its offices in London and Los Angeles and there are no records to indicate that there has been any interaction with Hugh Laurie over any visa application for him or his wife,” area manager Michael Carley has been quoted by the New Zealand Herald as saying.

“Although Mr Laurie needs a work visa for his planned shows in New Zealand, his wife as a British citizen does not need a visitor visa if she is planning to stay here less than six months.”

He continued, “It is important to stress that NZ would not require any evidence from the couple about the genuineness of their relationship as part of Mr Laurie’s work visa application.”

Laurie, who is also a seasoned musician, will be touring performing with his band, The Copper Bottom Band, at The Civic in Auckland on April 15 and at the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington on April 16.

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