Immediate Deaths After Ice Bucket Challenge Are Hoaxes Gone Viral: Neck Injury And Hypothermia Killed Two People Performing The Stunt

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A few death hoaxes have also been trending on the social media as the stories go viral aside from the videos of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The two most popular viral Ice Bucket Challenge death hoaxes claim that a man and woman died an instant death after they took the challenge.

Huzlers, the website famous for satirical articles, reported that teenage boy Sergio Cardozo suffered a severe neck injury while performing the stunt of Ice Bucket Challenge. The report claims that the injury "killed" the boy while the camera was still rolling. The video reportedly shows Sergio being attacked by one of his friend with a bucket of ice water. Sergio can be seen sitting on the chair when the friend accidentally drops the entire bucket on the boys head. The footage shows that Sergio fell "unconscious immediately" after the bucket hits his head. The article claims that even after wearing a helmet Sergio loses his life. The website also claims that the investigations are still ongoing.

According to The Epoch Times, Huzlers article went viral after it garnered "thousands of shares and likes" on Facebook on Aug. 19, 2014. The viral video was also shared by rapper Drake on his Twitter account. The website note that also presents a "disclaimer" that proves that the story is nothing more than a hoax.

" is a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief," read a brief description at the bottom of each article on the website.

Another ALS Ice Bucket Challenge death story claimed a Houston resident, Latasha Brown, died of Hypothermia after she poured iced water on her head. The story originated on the same website, It claims that the woman died just 30 seconds after she completed her Ice Bucket Challenge. This story went viral on the Internet spreading like wildfire. Social media users expressed genuine condolences on Twitter.

Noting the disclaimer on the website, Huffington Post UK, states that the story about Latasha Brown's death is "fake or rather international satire taken too seriously on social media."  

Last month, a real incident of man dying after the Ice Bucket Challenge was reported. A 40-year-old Willis Tepania died of heart attack five hours after taking the Ice Bucket Challenge. New Zealand Herald reported on July 10, that the New Zealand based man drank 1 litre bottle of Jim Beam bourbon just few minutes after he poured the bucket of ice water on his head. The man reportedly suffered cardiac arrest and lost his life.

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