iH8Snow Jailbreaks iPhone 4S But Hopes Fade Out for Evasi0n7 iOS 7.1 Hack as Evad3rs Likely to Shift Focus on iOS 8?

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Popular iOS jailbreaker iH8Snow tweeted on March 26 that he had unlocked iOS 7.1 on the iPhone 4S, which is powered by Apple's proprietary A5 series processing chip.

The welcome news spurred chatter that the underway efforts of tinkering with iOS 7.1 is moving forward as @Winocm had earlier showcased that liberating the four-year old iPhone 4 that runs on A4 chip is very much doable.

This despite indications that in releasing iOS 7.1 in early March, Apple has finally locked out hackers from further tinkering into its mobile platform. The sentiment seems to be: Team Evad3rs is finally defeated as the tech giant patched all the exploits that the group had been using as backdoor entry to iOS 7.

As if to prove that this assessment is correct, a quick check on the Evad3rs official site will show that the group is mostly silent following the iOS 7.1 issuance. The same goes for the developers' Twitter account, which in the past buzzed shortly after every iOS update from Apple.

Even iH8Snow, despite his fresh jailbreak advancement, appears not keen on plunging into any iOS 7.1 jailbreak project in the near-term. He tweets: "I don't have any intentions of working on a 7.1/8 jb atm (jailbreak at the moment)."

And @Winocm seems to be heading the same direction - wait and see for iOS 8.

The prevailing attitude makes sense as Apple watchers are anticipating the next iOS build, a major upgrade that is, to come on June 2014 via the tech titan's yearly WWDC gathering. The scenario being played is the software will get a grand intro then Beta versions will be seeded to developers en route to the actual release date.

That would be tentatively in September with the rumoured iPhone 6 as the first iOS 8 carrier.

And within the same period, Team Evad3rs will spring into action and figure out how to open even a single window of opportunity that would break the iOS 8 shell, which should be more robust than before.

For now, the jailbreak community will have to make do with the latest Evasi0n7 version and look forward to an iOS 8 jailbreak instead as Evad3rs member Pod2g told the iDigitalTimes.com that "the Evad3rs won't focus on it (iOS 7.1 jailbreak) as a team.

Pod2g, however, hinted that most likely jailbreak fans can expect an iOS 8 device liberator.

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