Iguana With 8 Tails Seeking A Name, Gets Included in Odd Animal Collection of Todd Ray

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(Video Credit: YouTube/Streettheatre Guy)

An 8-tailed iguana gets a shot to be a part of the world's biggest collection of odd-looking animals owned by Todd Ray.

In fact, the owner of the Venice Beach Freakshow himself was shocked upon the discovery of such a creature. Mr Ray did not believe the existence of the iguana at first when a Florida woman mentioned to him that her iguana has eight tails.

According to his interview with The Huffington Post, it was his first time to have ever heard of such a thing. "I have one of those, but I've never see one like this," Mr Ray stated.

More Details About the 8-Tailed Iguana

Mr Ray added that he has no idea at all of the iguana's age, but since it is already about four feet long, he assumes it is already a bit old. He is also unsure whether its tails were all inborn "or if they are partial breaks where another tail grew."

Now that the iguana is under his care, he says that the 8-tailed creature is getting used to his life in California. He admitted getting hit by its odd looking tails the first time he tried to touch it.

"The first time I tried to pet it, it hit me with all its tails. Now, it loves being rubbed on the head," he recalled.

Searching for a Name to Call the 8-Tailed Iguana

Mr Ray is still wondering what to call the odd-looking iguana that would fit its description. He already took it to social media so that people can check it out and offer their own name suggestions.

There is still no update yet so far of when Mr Ray will feature the 8-tailed iguana. For sure though, many fans of his TV show titled 'Freakshow' are already excited of its return for Season 2 over at AMC. It is expected to be back by the latter part of Spring.

If you want to make an input on which name to call the 8-tailed iguana with, then check out Mr Ray's official Facebook Page at fb.com/venicebeachfreakshow.

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