Iggy Azalea: ‘People Try to Finger Me’ While Crowd Surfing; Only BF Nick Young Can Get It With Her

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Singer and model Iggy Azalea arrives for the BRIT Awards, celebrating British pop music, at the O2 Arena in London
Singer and model Iggy Azalea arrives for the BRIT Awards, celebrating British pop music, at the O2 Arena in London February 19, 2014. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Iggy Azalea revealed in a new interview that she has been treated irreverently while crowd surfing on her concerts. For those people who do not have the slightest idea what crowd surfing means, it is the way where the performer and sometimes even the audience are being passed overhead in the crowd, from person to person.

Speaking to Hot 97, Iggy spilled a vivid and clear impression in words how fans have sexually abused her in some way. She detailed being disrespected in its most extreme form, saying that some fans tried to stick their fingers in to her private part when she goes crowd surfing.

Iggy said she had to stop crowd surfing on her shows because she didn't want to feel violated again. "I'm only doing 2,000 cities but I have to have barriers even if it's only 200 people because people try to finger me," Iggy told the radio station.

Iggy further revealed that the unwelcome sexual coercion continued on Twitter. Iggy tries to keep tabs with her loyal followers through social media. However, she said that some Twitter users would send explicit tweets to her, but Iggy was quick to ward off such rude behaviour. "I will get lurk weeks before my show, 'I'm about to go to Iggy Azalea show and I'm going to finger her,'" said the 23-year-old flawless rapper. "And I'm like please don't because that's a violation, I don't actually like that stuff."

For Iggy, a perfect positive correlation doesn't mean 100 per cent in either way. While people like to think that her racy music reflect who she is in real life, it doesn't. Just because Iggy sings songs with explicit lyrics, doesn't mean she's that type of person. "Like, they think I'm real slutty, she got a song called 'Pussy' and, 'I know what she wants, she wants these two fingers.'"

"Why would I want a stranger to ever finger me," Iggy exclaimed. According to Iggy, buying her album doesn't give anyone the ticket to sexually abuse her in any other way.

Iggy revealed she had to take precautionary measures so that she doesn't get violated again. She may be wearing sexy outfits but underneath them were what she calls "protective barriers."

"Now, no lie, I wear two pairs of underpants and then I pair of like skin-coloured tights, and then my pants as like a protection barrier."

Iggy was cool to admit that she doesn't mind Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young getting it on with her. "Yeah, I am, by choice" said Iggy when one of the radio hosts stated that she is currently being intruded by her National Basketball Association (NBA) player boyfriend. "Nick knows what's up, he's happy, so that's all I got for that." Watch Iggy's full interview here.


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