If Only Earth Can Catch It, Asteroid 2012 DA14 Could Possess Raw Materials Worth $195B

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If only the Earth can catch it, Asteroid 2012 DA14, which is expected to flyby the planet on Feb. 16 at 4:30am (AEDT), could have a variety of valuable resources, including metals such as iron and nickel, as well as water that can be utilised in space as rocket fuel, all worth a whopping US$195 billion.

Deep Space Industries (DSI), a United States firm that hopes to pioneer asteroid mining, said Asteroid 2012 DA14 is sure to have essential components that can be used to make life easier on Earth.

David Gump, CEO of DSI, said that assuming Asteroid 2012 DA14 did land somewhere on Earth, its water component, if successfully retrieved, even at 5 per cent could be worth up to $A62 billion.

And assuming the rock contains potential metals that could easily be recovered, even at 10 per cent, that could be already worth another AU$125 billion.

"Even a small rock is worth millions," he said.

Asteroid DA14 will fly as close as 27,680 km to the earth, within the orbit of some satellites.

But too bad, we're just gonna get teased by its beauty when it passes by.

In January, DSI said it will send a fleet of probes to examine asteroids passing Earth in 2015, before launching a mission to return a sample to Earth within the next decade.

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