Idol’s’ Chris Medina, a star in his own right

Recording dreams of Idol’s’ Chris Medina come to life in Jerkins’ song, “What Are Words”
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Chris Medina may not have made it to American Idol’s Top 13 but records have come to his doorsteps allowing him to advance ahead of his fellow contestants who still have weeks to please America and the judges.

According to Nicole Evatt of the Associated Press, Grammy-winning producer Rodney Jerkins has written a song for him entitled, “What Are Words”. The song said AP, has already garnered 1 million views on Vevo.

The Idol contestant has won the hearts of the judges and of the public with his touching backstory as a loyal and faithful fiancé for girlfriend, Juliana Ramos. People empathized with him when he decided to stay with girlfriend despite the traumatic brain injury that had crippled her following a car accident months before they were scheduled to tie the knot.

Jerkins’ song used Medina’s story, which has truly inspired people. The music video now available on Vevo used footages of Ramos and the coffee house proposal. It also showed old photos of the smiling couple. The AP said sales from the song will be given to Ramos as percentage of the single’s iTune sales will go to the Juliana Recovery Fund.

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