IDENTIFIED: Iranian Men Travelled with Stolen Passport in Malaysia Airlines MH370

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International school students light candles to pray for passengers aboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, in Zhuji
International school students light candles to pray for passengers aboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, in Zhuji, Zhejiang province, March 10, 2014. China has deployed 10 satellites to help in the massive air and sea search for a missing Malaysian airliner, the People's Liberation Army Daily said on Tuesday. The placards held by children read "Pray for life". Picture taken March 10, REUTERS/Stringer

Update on March 24, 2014: Flight MH370 'crashed in south Indian Ocean' - Malaysia PM

Two passengers who were suspected to have travelled using stolen passports have been identified (IMAGE).

The names of the passengers have been identified as Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad, a 19-year-old man from Iran, and Delavar Seyed Mohammad Reza, another Iranian national aged 29. This instantly invokes strong assumptions about the possibilities of the involvement of any Middle Eastern terrorist outfit with the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. On the other hand, according to The Guardian updates, the inspector general of Malaysian police Khalid Abu Bakar announced that the identified Iranian man is “not likely” to be associated with any terrorist organisation.

According to Malaysian authorities, the background of the Iranian men has been put under radar. The background check involved other police organisations as well. However, there is no link to any terrorist organisation. Authorities assume that the men were probably trying to migrate to Germany under false identities. The investigation is being conducted at the moment, they said.

The Telegraph reported earlier that both the men who were travelling in the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 had been identified as Iranian citizens. It referred to a Persian report by the BBC which quoted an Iranian person who gave shelter to the couple of men in Kuala Lumpur. They reportedly came from Tehran only days before flying to Beijing in their flight.

The stolen passports, which the Iranian men were using during their travel, belong to Luigi Maraldi and Christian Kozel. Mr Kozel, aged 30, is an Austrian resident, while Mr Maraldi, aged 37, is from Italy. The stolen passports were sold to the Iranian men in Kuala Lumpur. They also bought their flight ticket to Amsterdam in Kuala Lumpur itself. They were supposed to fly via Beijing on their way to Amsterdam.

The Malaysian criminal investigation department has reportedly been looking for possibilities like: personal and psychological issues of the people in the flight, sabotage and hijacking.

Check the CNN coverage with images of the Iranian passengers HERE.

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