IceTV TV Guide App Is Now Available At Windows Phone Store

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Australian Windows Phone users can now download the official IceTV TV Guide app on Windows Phone store to search and watch TV that was aired over the past week. WPCentral reports that the IceTV TV Guide app allow users to search for shows, set some keywords mark favourites and create a personalised TV guide. The said app also has a recording feature that allow users to record the shows on a paid subscription.

The IceTV TV Guide app is offered for free and it includes a full TV guide that can go over a week for Australian free-to-air TV. A comprehensive coverage of the metro and regional areas in Australia are also included. The Keyword Search allow users to search for its favourite TV shows, actors and directors. The Favorites allow users to highlight or mark its favourite shows. My Week features the ability to create users personalised and easy-to-view TV guide. The said app will also allow users to discover upcoming shows and series on the Coming Soon tab. Popular shows among other users can also be viewed through the Most Popular Tab and lastly, it also recommends trailers and shows to record.

To use the IceTV TV Guide app, a user needs to register an account on IceTV. By registering, IceTV can tailor a TV Guide that is specific to user's location to ensure that its proprietary TV Guide data is securely used on the mobile device.

WPCentral reports that the paid IceTV subscription along with a compatible TV recording device will allow users to schedule recording while away from home. It is reportedly to work on selected TV recorders, network attached storage, Media Center PCs and Mac TV tuners. A month of subscription costs $13 but a free trial of 90 days is also available.

The IceTV TV Guide app is reported to downloaded for over 200,000 times by Android and iOS users and it is now available for Windows Phone users as well.

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