'Ice Killer' Wife Goidsargi Estibaliz Carranza Zabala: 10 Things about the 'singularly cold-blooded' Vienna woman

She kills her ex-husband, gets a boyfriend, kills the boyfriend, and then gets pregnant with the next boyfriend
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Goidsargi Estibaliz Carranza Zabala has been called the "Ice Killer" by the Austrian media after she figured in the killing of two men in as many years. The murders were gruesome, with a .22-calibre Beretta pistol, chainsaw, concrete, and ice cream freezer used in the crimes.

Zabala's case went on trial in Vienna on Monday, and she has pleaded guilty of killing her ex-husband in 2008 and her boyfriend in 2010.

"[Zabala] is a singularly cold-blooded and unscrupulous killer," said an Austrian prosecutor.

10 Things to Know about Goidsargi Estibaliz Carranza Zabala aka Ice Killer:

Here are five of the things you need to know about Goidsargi Estibaliz Carranza Zabala and the crimes she committed.

10. Goidsargi Zabala, who has joint Spanish-Mexican citizenship, owned an ice cream parlour in Vienna.

9. At close range, Zabala shot to death her ex-husband Holger Holz while he was working on his computer in 2008. The AFP reported she described her husband to be "violent, lazy and a bully." To hide her crime, the scorned ex-wife sliced Holz' remains with chainsaw and then froze the body parts.

"I cleaned and cleaned in the days afterwards," the woman told the court.

8. Zabala killed another man two years later. Manfred Hinterberger, Zabala's boyfriend, was shot the same way, except he was asleep, snoring. They had a drunken argument before she shot him dead in November 2010.

"[ Hinterberger] turned his face to the wall and started snoring ... I was so angry. I had the gun under the mattress. I took it out, loaded and shot," Carranza told the court.

7. Like Holz, Hinterberger was also sliced up with a chainsaw and his body parts were frozen. But by this time, Zabala has already learned to mix concrete, so she hid the two men's body parts in cement.

6. The remains were discovered in a horrible state during a maintenance work in 2011.

5. Zabala fled to Italy to avoid arrest, but was caught and extradited after several days. She was pregnant at the time. Zabala married the father of her child in prison in March this year.

4. Zabala gave birth in January, and the baby is now reportedly with Zabala's parents in Barcelona.

3. Zabala has been deemed "mentally abnormal" by psychiatric evaluations commissioned by the court. She was described to be the kind of woman who is fixated on being 'rescued' by a hero in her life.

2. "She intends to confess. She has already told the court-appointed expert everything that she did," Werner Tomanek, one of her defence lawyers, told AFP.

1. Prosecutor Petra Freh was quoted by the AFP as telling the crowded court: "[Zabala] is a singularly cold-blooded and unscrupulous killer... Do not be fooled."

An estimated 50 witnesses and seven experts are due to testify during the course of the trial, which is expected to last several days.

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