Ice Bucket Challenge Toddler Scarlett-Rose Davis Who Uses F-Word Apologises - Watch Original Video

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Scarlett-Rose Davis, a 3-year-old toddler from Birmingham, who became a sensation after using the F-word during an ice bucket challenge, has apologised and said that she won't use such bad words again.

Scarlett-Rose Davis from Birmingham, who expressed her desire to participate in the charity ice bucket challenge, raised many eyebrows when she blurted out "f***ing hell" after a cooking pot filled with warm water was poured over her.

The family has now made another video in which they get her to say that she would never use the F-word again.

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Scarlett's grandmother, 40-year-old Carla Davis-Ball from Coalpool in Walsall, told Birmingham Mail that the little girl, after watching a few videos of people taking the ice bucket challenge on her mobile phone, said that she wanted to do it.

Carla found the video to be cute and posted it on her Facebook page. However, her partner and Scarlett's granddad, 33-year-old Stuart Ball, posted it on YouTube, where it has been watched more than 40,000 times since Monday. Scarlett chose her young friend named Marshall to take the next ice bucket challenge.

Ever since the video has gone viral, the family has been on the receiving end with people criticising them, calling the child's reaction a result of bad parenting. Agreeing that the toddler should not have used the F-word, Carla told the Mail, "I couldn't believe it when she came out with that language. She has picked up a few bad words when we have gone out for meals or into town. Children have brains like sponges and I can't stop it. But she does know it's wrong."

Scarlett-Rose and her 10-month-old brother Shankley-Gary spend two nights a week with their 19-year-old mother Demi and five nights with their grandparents - Carla and Stuart.

The ice bucket challenge has become quite a craze, with a seven-month-old baby being drenched with a cup of water earlier this month.

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