iCar: A Possible Jazz-Up Electronic Car To Watch If Apple And Tesla Collaborate

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Apple and Tesla, two great innovative firms in the world, have reportedly discussed collaboration, San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Execs Elon Musk and Adrian Pierca, Tesla CEO and Apple's mergers and acquisition head met, which already led to much wild speculations.

Innovating An iCar?

While the meeting occured almost a year ago, there were several reasons that the two giants could be collaborating. Tesla can be an essential addition to the list of car makers to support the pending iOS project in a car, so that a hands-free interface to the vehicle's dash can enable drivers to control music, get direction or take calls without distraction.

Also, nothing can be said with a future having an electronic car with a touchscreen telling the driver where to charge up next.

Demand For A New Product

Much of 2013 had spent by Apple and CEO Tim Cook to fight concerns from investors and analysts that the firm lost its innovative edge. Apple has been seen adding new technologies to various products recently, but it has not released a new product item in a new category after the launching of iPad in 2010, USA Today reported.

The Tesla acquisition could come in time to ease some of the worries. But Tesla and Apple have something in common. The former is creating the most huge battery plant in the world and Apple could come in with the interest on the lithium-ion batteries from the giga factory.

Acquiring Tesla Means Having A Leader Of Innovative Ideas Onboard

Elon Musk, also Paypal's co-founder, is a darling of Silicon Valley with his great ideas such as the Hyperloop, an elevated transit system concept which could transport people from San Francisco to Los Angeles for 30 minutes.

Berenberg Analyst Andaan Ahmad said he suggested to Apple to purchase Tesla via an open letter to Cook. According to CNNMoney, Ahmad argued the firm needs to move to a new market or its future will only evolve on how much revenue to get out of iPhone. Also, acquiring Tesla will get the benefit of an innovative leader with Steve Jobs-like vision such as Musk who can help lead the company's innovation drive.

Exploring the Auto World

The giant from Cupertino is not the sole one to explore the world of cars as Google has something in the works for driverless autos to keep people safer while on the road. Musk said during the Bloomberg interview that Apple purchases are far from impossibility as the company has lots of cash.

Although speculations of an iCar which can be a product of their great collaboration have surfaced, there is no concrete suggestion for what they decided to ride on together.

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