Ian Ziering Questions Tori Spelling’s Motives in ‘True Tori’

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Tori Spelling’s “Beverly Hills, 90210” co-star Ian Ziering is questioning her motives in airing her reality show “True Tori.” The former “Dancing with the Stars” semi-finalist also confirmed that Tori’s husband Dean McDermott was rude to Jason Priestley during their first meeting.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, the 50-year-old actor, who played Steve Sanders in the ‘90s teen series, wasn’t certain why Tori had to show the drama in her marriage on air.

“I’ve seen clips,” he said, adding that the show isn’t something he would deliberately watch.

“It’s tough to watch. It saddens me to see Tori going through all this pain, that there are kids involved.”

Although Ian said he has “tremendous amount of love” for his friend, he still questions her motive in airing her marital drama.

“True Tori” documents the aftermath of Dean’s cheating scandal.

“I don’t know what to make of it. It’s a train wreck. I can’t explain it because I don’t know the details. I’m just a witness and a bystander, like we all are,” he said.

“It’s like, why is this even happening? Why is this happening on television?”

When hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover told him that Tori said she wanted her kids to watch the show in the future so that they would know how they came up with their happy ending, Ian said, “It just seems as there is nothing sacred.”

He continued, “It’s a train wreck and you have to watch it. It makes great television, but I question the motives. Why? Why are you doing this?”

Ian and Tori’s co-star, Jason, previously said in an interview that Dean was outright rude to him when they were introduced.

“I walked over, extended my hand and said, ‘Hi Dean, Jason Priestley,’” he recounted to Us Weekly. “He stared down at my hand, then back up at my face. No handshake... nothing.”

“I witnessed that,” Ian confirmed his pal’s story. “It was kinda shocking. It was a DVD launch party for ‘90210,’ and Jason extended his hand to Dean and Dean didn’t really... there wasn’t a ‘hi, hello’ moment.”

Ian said that he met Dean before and he was always nice to him, that’s why he was shocked by Dean’s rudeness to Jason.

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