Ian Thorpe Hopes To Compete For The Olympics

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Ian Thorpe
World record holder Ian Thorpe waves to spectators before the men's 200 metres freestyle semi-final of the Australian Olympic team swimming trials at the Sydney Aquatic Centre in this March 28, 2004 file photo. Thorpe is in a Sydney hospital fighting a "serious" infection and is unlikely to swim competitively again, his manager told Australian media late on April 8, 2014. The five-times Olympic champion had contracted "two bugs" after undertaking a series of shoulder surgeries, manager James Erskine told Australian Associated Press. REUTERS/Tim Wimborne/Files

Australia's Olympic swimming champion Ian Thorpe still hopes on competing for the Olympics in Rio come summer 2016. He has won five Olympic gold medals right off the start of his career in 2000 and two more at Athens 2004.

Amid the health crisis Thorpe is going through, he still boldly told the local media that he hasn't closed his doors in competing again.  Though he failed his attempt for the national trials back in early 2011, he is still in positive to make the comeback.

Ian Thorpe undergoes treatment in Sydney for the serious infections he contracted after surgeries on his shoulder in the Swiss town of Ronco sopra Ascona. Agent James Erskin described Thorpe's illness; "it's serious, but it's not life threatening,"  As Erskin sees, the swimming icon may not be able to return to the sport again.

Sydney Morning Herald reported that the infection was akin to the potentially deadly Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a virulent strain which is difficult to-treat in humans. In the United States, the increasing numbers affected with the illness are apparent with athletes. This can be caused through skin contact in locker rooms, gyms, dugouts, and even inside a healthy population.

Adding to Thorpe's challenges, he has gone through disorientation, depression, and alcohol abuse.  Though been faced with this latest upset in his life, Thorpe is still hopeful that he can still continue to swim. This means his announcement of competing for the Olympics in 2016 is very much possible.

Thorpe's supporters hope that he recovers completely from his present illness, and be in good shape soon. 

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