Ian Somerhalder: Vampire Diaries Actor Talks about The Anomaly, Describes Film as Memento Meeting The Bourne Identity

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2014 People's Choice Awards
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Actor and director Noel Clarke is back with the sci-fi thriller film "The Anomaly" which stars "The Vampire Dairies" actor Ian Somerhalder. In a recent interview, the 35-year-old actor talked about his latest film, the character he portrayed and what made him do the movie project.

In the Digital Spy interview, Ian Somerhalder revealed that real-world parallels in the script and working with Noel Clark appealed to him in "The Anomaly" film. "Imagine Pfizer or Roche, one of those big pharmaceutical companies, being owned by one family. My [character's] father Dr Langham, who is played by Brian Cox, understands that humanity is exceeding its resource pool at such an alarming rate that it can't continue on this path. It's what's happening in the world now," Somerhalder shared.

The actor further added that Langham found a way to slow down humanity through mind control. However, Ian Somerhalder pointed out that the method is a problem because it is not an ethical one. "You can't take away people's free will, but the righteous intention is there. He wants to make sure that the planet has a future, which is something I live to do," the actor stated in the interview.

When asked about the influences he saw in the movie script, Ian Somerhalder described that it has the components of the film "Memento" meeting Matt Damon's "The Bourne Identity." The actor revealed that Noel Clark's dedication and productivity on the small budget film has also appealed to him in making the movie.

Somerhalder admitted that he was excited to work with Noel Clark who directs and stars in "The Anomaly." The actor added that it is something that he wants to do in his future projects. "Noel is extremely giving with his information, and he has so much passion and compassion for the art of film. He shares it so freely and I'm grateful for that," Somerhalder shared.

"The Anomaly" is set be released on Friday, July 4, in the UK. The film also stars Alexis Knapp and Luke Hemsworth, the older brother of "Thor" star Chris Hemsworth and "The Hunger Games" actor Liam Hemsworth. Click HERE to watch the exclusive clip of "The Anomaly."

Another topic that the "Vampire Diaries" star talked about during the interview is being active on social media sites. Ian Somerhalder claims social media has changed the world and he sees it happening every day on Facebook or Twitter.

The heartthrob actor acknowledged as well that social media helped in the success of his Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) and it is all about the TVD fans that showed support. Ian Somerhalder further revealed about getting criticized as a "slacktivist," someone who just sits on computers and does nothing, but assured that the critics are wrong about him.

"I see an idea on social media go into planning, and then into quantifiable progress. I see it happening. There's a reason that I get to work with some of the people that I do," Ian shared. The actor's commitment to environmental issues and animal rights give him a really hectic schedule.

At the moment, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation is building a huge animal sanctuary in Louisiana and the actor's way of paying the expenses is through his appearances all over Europe in order to raise money. The TVD star revealed that he is thrilled to do it even though it takes a toll on his health.

"Because I've been shooting here, all day, every day all week, and then I get on a plane on Friday night and fly to a different city in Europe," Ian shared. Even though his work on the ISF does not give him a free time to enjoy, the actor admitted that he still wants to do as much as he can while he is still here.

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