Ian Somerhalder: 'Vampire Diaries' Actor Suffers Hand Injury, Shares Image of His Gash on Twitter and Instagram

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2014 People's Choice Awards
Ian Somerhalder arrives at the 2014 People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles REUTERS/Kevork Djsnsezian

Actor Ian Somerhalder recently suffered a hand injury and shared about it on Twitter and Instagram. Fans of the "Vampire Diaries" star should not worry because the injury was not severe but the 35-year-old actor showed the awful gash on his hand through the captured photo.

According to the Just Jared Jr report, Ian Somerhalder revealed a bandaged hand after suffering an injury during his flight to Shanghai, China on Tuesday evening, June 10. The actor's Instagram image is a before-and-after shot of his right hand with the gash that seems to be deep.

"Miami this morning... Shanghai this evening... Owwwwww," Ian Somerhalder posted on his Twitter account @iansomerhalder as a caption to the image. Click HERE to see photo of Ian's injured hand.

Ian Somerhalder arrived in Shanghai with an injury but the heartthrob actor may have forgotten about it when the hotel staff gave him a warm welcome. Ian expressed his gratitude on Twitter to the hotel staff that made him feel insanely loved. Click HERE to see photo.

However, it is still unknown what caused the nasty cut on Ian Somerhalder's hand. The Movie Pilot report suggests the actor got injured while opening the in flight meal foil, a plastic fork, a jagged seat mechanism or a paper cut.

Before the injury, Ian Somerhalder has been excitedly posting on Twitter about his trip to China as well as his latest accomplishment of being the UNEP Goodwill Ambassador. The actor further expressed his gratitude for his new role on Instagram.

"In Parliament in Barbados about to walk into a room with heads of state and the United Nations Environment Program to make my designation speech as UNEP Goodwill Ambassador. Wow. So surreal... Thank you all for standing here today with me- your voice is so loud. Your compassion so powerful. Thank you- now let's make so serious shit happen. Lets make sure everyone around you know climate change is real and we need to change," Somerhalder wrote. Click HERE to see photo.

Being the new UNEP Goodwill Ambassador, Ian Somerhalder is now tasked to raise public awareness and understanding on environmental causes and perform committed action to show support for UNEP's main concerns.

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