Ian Somerhalder: 'Vampire Diaries' Actor is the Latest United Nations Goodwill Ambassador

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2014 People's Choice Awards
Ian Somerhalder arrives at the 2014 People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles REUTERS/Kevork Djsnsezian

"Vampire Diaries" actor Ian Somerhalder excitedly shared on Twitter and Instagram about his latest achievement. Millions of fans can now support the 35-year-old actor not only as the vampire Damon Salvatore in the CW TV series but as the new United Nations Environmental Program Goodwill Ambassador.

It took Ian Somerhalder a number of attempts sharing the exciting news to his fans on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. On his Twitter account @iansomerhalder, the actor confirmed on Saturday, June 7, that they he has signed the UNEP paperwork with the Executive Director of the UNEP and the distinguished members of the green government of Barbados.

Additionally, Ian Somerhalder thanked Barbados on his Instagram post for hosting the 2014 UNEP's World Environment Day. "It truly shows that Barbados intends on being the greenest island in Latin america and the Caribbean! I can't wait to hear the roar of the saying 'Raise your voice not the sea level!' Furthermore: Let's DO SOMETHING about it! Elect officials that do not turn a blind eye to this problem we are facing called climate change/disruption whatever you want to call it- it's happening. Do not elect officials that want only shot-term profits- let's inverts in our fuc%^&* future! YOUR FUTURE!" Ian's caption reads. Click HERE to see photo attached.

According to the Fans Share report, the "Vampire Diaries" actor was spotted and photographed walking around in Barbados wearing the blue UNEP T-shirt and sandboots with his scruffy look while meeting with the people to encourage them to participate in the "Go Green" campaign. Meanwhile, the Inquisitr report noted that fans of Ian Somerhalder are aware that the actor is dedicated to environmental and animal issues.

The actor even set up the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) where he shows support for the animal rights and the important environment issues. The ISF page also shared the great news about the actor's latest accomplishment.

The ISF Web page announced that the World Environment Day celebration will start on June 5, 2014 where their president, Ian Somerhalder, gets designated as the UNEP Goodwill Ambassador. "We truly could not be more proud of him right now," the ISF Web page announcement reads.

As for Ian Somerhalder's on-screen work for "The Vampire Diaries," the actor's character may be gone but the show's executive producers have confirmed there are a million ways for Ian Somerhalder to return on the CW TV series. "The Vampire Diaries" Season 6 is set to premiere on October 2014.

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