Ian Somerhalder on Twitter: 'Vampire Diaries' Actor Shares Video of a Littered Beach to Raise Awareness [SEE PHOTO AND VIDEO]

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"Vampire Diaries" actor Ian Somerhalder turned serious on Twitter as he raised awareness on an important matter. The 35-year-old heartthrob shared an Instagram video of a littered beach with a message expressing his concern over the current environmental issue.

Ian Somerhalder's tweets to his millions of followers during his holiday break in China and Tokyo sounded fun. However, the actor immediately shifted back to his environmentalist side while sharing a video that raises awareness on littered areas particularly a beach that he did not identify where.

"See something in every frame? Yup-plastic. Is this how a beautiful beach should look? I'm so blown away this trash everywhere...Its time to stop allowing plastic into our waters don't you think? It's also time start creating biodegradable plastics! Lets do this!!!!" posted Ian on his Twitter account @iansomerhalder as a caption to the Instagram video.

In the Entertainmentwise.com report, the actor tweeted another Instagram image of a captured beach sign that appears to shout the word "neglect" making him comment "Oh really...? Not a beach I want to be on!" Ian Somerhalder is known for showing strong support when it comes to environmental issues with his own Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF).   

"The TVDer is so passionate about the nonprofit work that he's doing, that he spent part of his holidays in China, working to spread awareness of his organization's mission and to make this effort a global one," reads the Wet Paint report. Ian's dedication to the nonprofit work made him close to other celebrities sharing commitment to environmental issues like Woody Harrelson.

Mr Somerhalder was spotted in December 2013 hanging out with the 52-year-old "Hunger Games" actor. "In Atlanta with my brother Woody and Joe talking Step Forward Paper, a non-wood paper-and the paper revolution. Sustainably is topic of this conversation! Dig these men-true game changers," tweeted Ian.  

The TVD star utilizes his Twitter account well in raising awareness and funds for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation that focuses on global conservation and green energy development. Fans can expect the actor frequently expressing his opinion or concern over the serious environmental issues.  

"Happy New Year from Tokyo! 2013 was truly magical.Truly. Lets make this one even better- in the Words of Allan Savory: 'Lets make 2014 a Vintage year for humanity.' I'm so grateful for the support of Vampire Diaries and The Ian Somerhalder Foundation. I'm so truly grateful for all of the support," posted the actor on Twitter to express his gratitude and excitement for the year 2014.

Ian Somerhalder is set to return to the small screen as bad boy vampire Damon Salvatore in the second half of "The Vampire Diaries" Season 5 with the 100th episode titled "500 Years of Solitude." The brand new episode will air on Thursday night, January 23, at 8 p.m. on the CW network.

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