Ian Somerhalder on Twitter: Vampire Diaries Actor Jokes About Luis Suarez Being a New Cast Member in CW TV Series after Biting Scandal

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If "The Vampire Diaries" Season 6 will have a new vampire cast member, actor Ian Somerhalder thinks it should be Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez. The 2014 FIFA World Cup biting incident reached the 35-year-old "Vampire Diaries" actor and he joked about the possibility of Suarez joining the TVD cast on Twitter and Instagram.

"Umm.. Apparently there's a new cast member joining @vampirediaries...@luis16suarez!! #WorldCup2014 #LuisSuarez #IanSomerhalder," Somerhalder's hilarious post on his Twitter account @iansomerhalder reads. The actor also shared the mock up "The Vampire Diaries" poster featuring his character Damon Salvatore holding an apple with football prints while Luis Suarez was photoshopped over Damon's right shoulder ready to attack with his fangs.

The funny message "Give in to your appetite" can be read as well in the made-up TVD poster that Ian Somerhalder shared. Click HERE to see Ian Somerhalder's casting joke on Instagram.

Ian's joke on casting Luis Suarez in "The Vampire Diaries" is only a reference to the 27-year-old Uruguayan footballer. According to the Hollywood Life report, Suarez bit the shoulder of Italian soccer player Giorgio Chiellini on Tuesday, June 24, during the Uruguay-Italy World Cup match.

It is not the first time for Luis Suarez to be involved in a biting incident because he has done it on several games during the intense matches. In 2010, Suarez was caught biting Ottman Bakkal then in 2013, the Uruguayan footballer got banned for biting Branislav Ivanovic.

The Entertainmentwise.com report claims Luis Suarez could face another ban, this time for two years, after FIFA's charges over his biting scandal. At the moment, the Internet has been showing memes or photoshopped images of Luis Suarez and his biting incident at the World Cup in the "Jaws" film or other vampire TV shows such as "True Blood" or "Twilight."

As for the actual new cast members in "The Vampire Diaries" Season 6, it has been previously teased that a new girl will arrive in Mystic Falls and the new face is speculated to be a new love interest for Matt (Zach Roerig), Tyler (Michael Trevino) or Jeremy (Steven R McQueen).

Filming for the new season of the hit CW TV series is scheduled to kick off this coming July 2014. "The Vampire Diaries" is set to return with the Season 6 premiere on October 2014.

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