Ian Somerhalder Requested 'Vampire Diaries' Character, Damon Salvatore Killed Off to Leave Show, Avoiding Nina Dobrev

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Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder
Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Reuters

Ian Somerhalder's character, Damon Salvatore in the "Vampire Diaries" died and was immediately met with backlash. Even though Ian himself took to Twitter to apologize for the turn of the events, Celebrity Dirty Laundry is reporting that it was Ian who requested to leave the show and kill off his character because he cannot stand working with Nina  Dobrev.

According to the gossip site, Ian Somerhalder is already unhappy on the set and requested an early departure from the show. The producers and showrunners agreed to let him go because it is difficult to keep an unhappy actor on set. Even though all principal actors on the show are signed for six seasons, Ian's character died, surprising all the fans of the show and the Damon-Elena pairing.

Many speculated that Ian left because he had to take care of his burgeoning film career, but Celebrity Dirty Laundry is reporting that the residual awkwardness from his unstable relationship with on-screen love interest, Nina Dobrev propelled him to break off from his contract. Up until now, Ian is still unsure of where he stands with Nina. While Ian is very sure he wants Nina Dobrev on his life and wants to marry her, Nina Dobrev feels like she's rushing into things if she settle with Ian.

When Ian Somerhalder requested for his character to be killed off, show producers did not hesistate because they were already witnessing a lot of awkwardness between Ian and Nina ever since their split. Not changing the situation may lead to the jeopardizing of the fandom further.

Fans should not despair though. It has been reported that there is a possibility that Damon, and therefore Ian Somerhalder, will still be showing up in the sixth season of the infamous Vampire show.

"Their fate is a mystery. The best way to sum it up is that all of our characters have had to come to terms with the fact that they are gone and have taken steps to move forward in their lives, for better or for worse, in grief or denial, and the question of when we see them and where are they and what happened is a part of the mystery in Season 6," revealed Executive producer of the show, Julie Pelc, in an interview to TV Guide.

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