Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer: Why Charlie Hunnam Would have Been a Better Christian Grey? [See Photos]

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Charlie Hunnam was named the Christian Grey in the bestselling book that turned into a movie, Fifty Shades of Grey.

It was an announcement that shocked the world and fans of the book, when producers of the movie announced through twitter that they had found their Christian Grey in Charlie Hunnam. Social media sites exploded with the various reactions about the casting and not many fans were pleased that they had chosen an unlikely actor to play the role of Christian Grey.

After a month of different comments and unruly expletives about the casting, Hunnam had announced that he would no longer be playing the role of Christian Grey. He understood that he had many other commitments such as his role in the series "Sons of Anarchy".

Did he fear the role? He indeed did feel the pressure of not being able to fulfill the fantasies of the millions of readers who have been waiting for movie producers to finally materialize the man they had all been fantasizing about. He may have been a bit scared of the role as it does certainly demands a lot of time and effort in getting ready for the role, but now that Hunnam is no longer Christian Grey, fan favorites such as Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer are back in the running.

The question here is why these men, who immensely look and feel like Christian Grey are not suitable for the role unlike Charlie Hunnam.

Hunnam has the innocent look that would drive people crazy, the role of Christian Grey would slowly develop into a man who looks as if he can control everything, his emotions and anger through BDSM but in reality he is indeed lost and needs someone to help him and this is what Anastasia Steele does for him.

So why not Somerhalder and Bomer? These two may have the looks but their characters, in their current series, The Vampire Diaries and White Collar show them as sexy men. Nothing much to develop in the character of Grey. It would be great to see someone who is not known to be "sexy" in a sensual way develop into that character, but you know there is a much deeper side to the actor and this was why Charlie Hunnam was a good pick for the role.

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