'I wanna Marry Harry' Season 1: Episode 1: Recap - Prince Harry Lookalike Matthew Hicks Has Chemistry With Rose [ VIDEO]

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Fox has a new dating show with a touch of Royalty. "I Wanna Marry Harry." The reality series, which was premiered on Tuesday night, shows 12 wanna-be American girls who are transported to the United States to meet Prince Harry. But there is a twist. The guy only looks like Prince Harry and has no connection whatsoever to royals. And it's a secret. But do the girls complain? No, they seem very happy getting fooled by him instead!

The Prince Harry lookalike guy's name is Matthew Hicks who has been made to look like him. The 12 American girls will compete to win him in a series of competitions and maybe some catfights too. What's best Hicks will not reveal his true identity until the show concludes.

With his bleached brows and Harry-like smile, the competing girls are quite happy to believe he is the real Prince Harry and they will be his royal girls. In the first episode that aired on Fox on Tuesday night at 9 pm, the girls were quite happy to meet Prince at the party. "We're in Downton Abbey!" one wanna-be princess screams her excitement as she reaches the sets of the castle.

The participants in the first episode of the reality show are quite excited that the staff at the "castle" of the Prince Harry "greet you with English accents" and find it "the cutest thing ever."

Fox has tried it's best to keep the royalty factor real. The first episode sees the participating girls meet 'Harry' at a masquerade ball! What else, they all are ready with their inquisitive enquires about his game of Polo.

"They're way out of my league, but for who I'm pretending to be, it's perfect," says Hicks, according to mirror.co.uk.

However critics on various Web sites are not very happy that the "lucky" girls are being fooled to believe that a normal guy is actually Prince Harry.

"The women, from a variety of backgrounds, are naive, but being manipulated. They're going to be made to look silly for believing the premise of the show and when they find out, they'll probably feel embarrassed. And that initial feeling is not very nice. Watch it, however, and we're back again to finding it hard to feel sympathy," writes smh.com.au.

"Can love survive when fame, wealth, and status melt away?" the show asks in the introduction to Harry look alive who actually is a guy from a poor background and cleans oil spills. In the first episode, Hick was shown coming down to meet the girls from the helicopter. At the end of the episode, he was quite close to one of the contestant named Rose. He did not lie about his name and neither revealed it. However check out the details of the contestants here and the introductory video below.

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