'I Wanna Marry Harry' - Prince Harry Look-alike Speaks on Phenomenal Prince Lifestyle

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Prince Harry look-alike Matt Hicks seems to enjoy the phenomenal prince lifestyle he projects in Fox' new competitive reality television show "I Wanna Marry Harry."

In "I Wannna Marry Harry," 12 American ladies are transported to a downtown area, which resembles the castle in Berskshire, United Kingdom. The ladies are made to believe they are vying for the affection of Prince Harry, when in fact Matt Hicks is merely role-playing.

According to an article from Digital Spy, the pretend prince revealed that the prince lifestyle is phenomenal but he doesn't want to be in the situation on a daily basis.

"I lived the dream for six weeks, had a fantastic time, went on some amazing dates with some really cool women, saw some sights, did some activities that were unbelievable. But I think you do get treated differently," the 24-year old new celebrity stated.

The pretend prince revealed to Digital Spy that he had the best of both worlds but the show was almost a social experiment to determine the people's change in perception to a person of royal blood. He also stated that the prince lifestyle would be a very bizarre world to actually live and be brought up.

An innocently normal man in real life, the Prince Harry look-alike also revealed to the above cited Web site that he had to rely on the portfolio of information provided to him about Prince Harry. Hicks stated that he concentrated the whole time and that he has to know everything like Prince Harry's birth, his christening, the schools he attended, the places he prefers to visit in London, his previous relationships, and even scandals.

"I was just concentrating and making sure that I didn't slip up. It was exhausting! At the end of every day, I pretty much crashed out and fell asleep," Hicks revealed to Digital Spy.

As the only bachelor in a pack of beautiful women, Hicks also stated that it was also a perplexing situation and that there was a tiny fizz of unreality in it. "I just played it very coy, very mysterious and just sort of maintained this air of mystery while leading them on by letting little bits of information slide here and there - there were subtle hints dropped around the place," the pretend-prince stated.

"I Wanna Marry Harry" airs on Fox every Tuesday.

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