‘I Wanna Marry Harry’: One Fake Prince Harry and 12 American Women [Spoilers]

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An imposter, who looks like Prince Harry of the British Royal Family, is the star of FOX's new reality show "I Wanna Marry Harry." TEN brings the show for its Australian audience on Friday, May 30.    

Matthew Hicks, the 25 year old British Environmental Consultant, is the fake royal boy who gets to date 12 young American women. All these women arrive looking for a fairytale ending, but have no clue about the man that they are set to woo.

Hick has to convince these women that he is Prince Harry but make them like him for who he is in real. At the end, he has to reveal his real identity to the final girl standing. The question is will love survive when fame and status fall away.

"I Wanna Marry Harry" follows the women as they fight for their chance to marry 'Prince Harry', while living at an English estate. Matthew must convince these beautiful women that he is a member of the Royal Family. If he does, will they fall for the crown or fall in love with the real him?" according to the synopsis of the show.

"The winning lady then must decide if she can look past the pretence and love this gent, who is more pauper than prince."

Hicks, 23, does not have a car and rides a bike that he has borrowed from his friend. He is poor and is looking for genuine love by pretending to be from the royal family. To make it look real for the girls as well as for Hicks, there is a castle, with household staff and a personal butler. There are also security details and expensive toys such as a personal helicopter. Hicks also gets a crash course in how to be Prince Harry and gets tips on royal etiquettes.   

The fake Prince Harry [called Sir] makes a grand entry in a helicopter and the 12 girls find it hard to believe their luck. In the episode, one girl gets a chance to come close to him [she gets a special suit adjacent to Sir's suit], while one girl packs-ups and leaves. There is a masquerade ball and the girls present themselves to Sir.

Leah is the first girl to exit the show, as Fake Henry did not feel that she was having fun. Rose gets the key to the Crown Suite. 

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