Hyrule Warriors Release Date Update, Gameplay Images and DLC Info

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It has been a huge week for the agitated fans of Hyrule Warriors. According to the newest leak on the Huyrule Warriors, the Omega Force and Team Ninja give fans loads of reasons to be eager about the forthcoming Legend of Zelda or Dynasty Warriors mash up in the wait for the Hyrule Warriors release date.

A couple of days pass after it has been revealed that Hyrule Warriors make its Japanese debut on August 14, the four gaming companies namely Omega Force, Team Ninja, Tecmo Koei and Nintendo that have on hand information about the release of the game let loose new information on Hyrule Warriors, not to mention that they also released pictures of the forthcoming brawler.

The new set of Hyrule Warriors pictures shows the characters from the game, including the new enemies Wizro, Valga and Shia the Black Witch, each of whom will be seen often during the Hyrule Warriors campaign. There are also some photos of Impa, the present leader of Princess Zelda's Elite Guard, and handful of photos featuring Link.

On the other hand, Famitsu also approved that Hyrule Warriors would carry cooperative play. Also the dev team validated the new characters from the Legend of Zelda franchise will be playable in Hyrule Warriors, but did not give any names as of the moment. Reports from Polygon imply that Impa will be one of the playable characters, but it is uncertain which other characters will be on the roster when Hyrule Warriors makes its release debut.

Hyrule Warriors seems to be the new Nintendo project to get post-launch content as well, based on DLC sub-section of the official Hyrule Warriors Web site that was first seen by fans at Siliconera. The page is presently empty, but it assures that fans will see Hyrule Warriors content in the Wii U eShop following the game's debut.  

Thus far, Nintendo release the game in North America will possibly happen at the end of 2014 but more information is expected to be released on 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Fans can find extensive Hyrule Warriors image galleries over at AllGamesBeta and the Hyrule Warriors official Web site.

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