Hypnosis Helps Woman Lose 150 Pounds: It Can be a New Effective Weight Loss Technique

Evans Lost 150 Pounds With the Help of Hypnosis
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The United States is the most obese country in the world
The United States is the most obese country in the world with 34% of the adult population classified as obese, according to the latest OECD survey. Reuters / Lucas Jackson

Evans, a 35-year-old woman, gained on a lot of weight after the birth of her first child and more additional weight after the second one with a total of 287 pounds, with a dress size of 24.

Her weight gain was not so much just due to the pregnancy, she said. "A bit of depression and a whole lot of negative self-esteem contributed to it", she added. Her husband won an all expensive, paid trip to Hawaii; it was when she had to go scuba diving and could not get into the bathing suit that she realized that that her weight had taken a toll on her life itself.

"It was at that moment when I realized that my weight was preventing me from living," Evans said. She was keen on losing weight when she returned, but was unsure as to how to begin. Her mother was undergoing "hypnosis gastric bypass" therapy under the certified hypnotist, Rena Greenberg. Watching the results right before her eyes, Evans decided to contact Greenberg.

Gastric bypass surgery, sometimes called bariatric surgery, limits ones food intake by shrinking the stomach. This is done by dividing the stomach into a small upper pouch and larger unused lower pouch. Hypnosis gastric bypass is just the same but the surgery does not happen in reality instead the person is hypnotized to believe that the surgery is done. The patient meets the doctors and undergoes the surgery in their mind.

After hypnosis, Greenberg said that after this, the hypnotized person starts believing his stomach is small and his appetite automatically reduces. The physical capacity to eat usually decreases.

Greenberg herself was very ill at the age of 26. She was a sugar and carb addict, "I needed a pacemaker and I saw an opportunity to change my lifestyle," she said that after successfully using the treatment on herself and used it on her patients and it did worked. The treatment was simple; that it was merely changing the way people think about food, on a subconscious level.  "And it's great for people who hate dieting, since they don't feel like they're giving up food", she explained.

Evans stated that her new body was an outcome of three sessions. After the first session, she started craving for spinach and her appetite reduced to one fourth of what she was used to.

"I physically could not eat as much as I did and I really wanted only healthy things," she said. "I haven't had a soda since that day, whereas before, it was every day."

In the beginning, there was an immediate weight loss result. After she lost 100 pounds, the weight loss slowed down. She began exercising and was able to reach her 150 pound weight loss goal in two years. Evans can lose more weight but wants to get back to a size six on how she previously was.

It has been three years and Evans was able to effectively manage her weight.

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