‘Hush Hush’ Patch Cipriano Casting Updates: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Star Ian Somerhalder Out of the Race for the Role

By @Ze_Charm on

Ian Somerhalder, star of the top rated series, "The Vampire Diaries," will no longer be in the running for the role of fallen angel in the upcoming movie adaptation, "Hush Hush."

There have been various reports stating that the star would be up for the role of Rebecca Fitzpatrick's fallen angel, Patch Cipriano but it seems like fans are not all that happy for the famous vampire to become a fallen angel.

Ian Somerhalder who is known as Damon Salvatorre in fan favorite, "The Vampire Diaries," was pitched in for the role since he has the qualities and looks that the character of Fitzpatrick has. The dark, enigmatic and hot looking former Archangel would definitely be a role in which Ian Somerhalder would be fit for.

Few other well known actors were said to be up for the role such as "The Notebook's" Ryan Gosling, "Twilight's," Edward played by Robert Pattinson and "Divergent's" leading man Four played by Theo James. These men would surely look good for the role but directors tend to want celebrities who are not known to be a certain character to play a new role.

Who would be the new fan favorite to play the role of Patch Cipriano in the upcoming dark fiction novel by Rebecca Fitzpatrick, "Hush Hush?" Fans cannot wait for it and many are starting to wonder if this would be just like the search for E.L James' sadomasochistic character, Christian Grey, which had many actors line up for the role that was finally given to unknown actor, Jamie Dornan. Dornan replaced first choice, Charlie Hunnam, after the actor backed out of the role being uncomfortable with the script and various sexual scenes.

Will they find someone who would be worthy to be called a fallen angel?

Filming of the movie adaptation, "Hush Hush," will begin in the coming year while "The Vampire Diaries," has been signed up for another season. 

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