‘Hush Hush’ Film Adaptation: Ryan Gosling to Play the Role of Patch Cipriano?

By @Ze_Charm on

Ladies and gentlemen, the most awaited response that fans would want to hear would be Ryan Gosling saying "yes" to playing the role of Patch Cipriano in the upcoming movie adaptation of "Hush Hush."

Rebecca Fitzpatrick's bestselling novel on fallen angels is finally getting a movie adaptation and fans want to know who will be playing the role of Patch. The character of Patch tackles a dark brood of fallen angels who are trying to find a way to become humans in order to mate with the mortal women of earth.

Patch Cipriano plays a fallen angel who once used to be an Archangel before he fell to earth. Patch Cipriano whose angel name is "Jev" will surely be an antagonist turned protagonist that all fans of the book would love to watch.

Strong contenders for the role are "Divergent's" Ansel Elgort and Theo James. "The Vampire Diaries," star Ian Somerhalder has also been pitched in to take the role of the fallen angel. Another possible contender is Ryan Gosling. He may been swoon worthy but the actor has proven that he can be the bad boy if needed.

Dark, mysterious and handsome, this is what Patch Cipriano is and whoever would get to play the role of this character would surely have to be able to show fans what they want from the character.

The role of Nora Grey is also up for grabs as actresses are getting ready to try out for the role. Who will be able to become the next "it" onscreen romance that fans would follow and watch?

"Hush Hush," is a trilogy and whoever who signs up for it will be sure to complete the "Hush Hush," franchise.

Ryan Gosling would surely make a really good Patch which fans would love to watch, there is no better reason than the fact that it is Ryan Gosling. 

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