'Hush Hush' Fallen Angel Best-selling Novel by Author Becca Fitzpatrick: Who Will be Cast as 'Patch' in the Movie Adaptation?

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The mysterious fallen angel that is sure to win over your hearts will soon hit theatres. The best-selling fictional novel by author Becca Fitzpatrick will finally become a movie. Here's to hoping the movie adaptation brings to life all the iconic characters of the novel.

The book revolves around the story of the heroine, Nora Grey, who is trying to live a normal life until she meets Patch. Patch who she feels is a boy who she has to avoid because he seems to be bad for her. The novel is a trilogy on the fallen angels that roam the earth. Patch falls in love with Nora but cannot feel her physically because this is the curse that they will have to live with and can only possess a vessel of theirs on Cheshvan. 

Who do we think can look like an angel but is a bad boy?

Ian Somerhalder once again takes the role of the best choice to play Patch. The dark hair and the muscled body that will surely make you swoon. "The Vampire Diaries," star looks perfect for the role, his bad boy looks will surely make him a fallen angel that women would want to fall in love with.

Another star that would be perfect for the role of "Patch" would be Colin O'Donoghue who plays the role of Killian Jones, "Hook," in "Once Upon a Time." The actor has the dark hair and the piercing looks but he looks more of an angel then a fallen angel but he would surely do justice to the role.

We all hope that the movie adaptation of the bestselling book by Rebecca Fitzpatrick will be made into what it should be - a great movie. High expectations are built from the book and we hope that it would do better than "The Mortal Instruments," which is a great book that have great actors, but the production was just not what fans had expected of.

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