‘Hush Hush’ Casting: Nina Dobrev for the Role of Nora Grey

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"The Vampire Diaries," star Nina Dobrev is said to be in the running for the role of Nora Grey. Nora Grey, the heroine in the upcoming movie adaptation "Hush Hush," is one of the most sought out roles.

Also in the running for the role is "Harry Potter" alum, Emma Watson who is also a contender for the role. Fans are excited for the film adaptation of the bestselling book by author, Rebecca Fitzpatrick, and what it has in store for them.

What can fans expect from the movie adaptation?

"Hush Hush" is a story about fallen angels who roam the earth looking for vessels to possess and when they do they are able to mate with the women of the earth. The movie adaptation tackles the dark past between the children of these fallen angels called the Nephilim.

Dobrev would be playing the role of Nora Grey, a young girl who is intrigued by her classmate, Patch who has a dark history in which she is determined to find out about.

Reports that co-star from "The Vampire Diaries," Ian Somerhalder is also up for the role of Patch Cipriano has gotten fans of the book excited. The two have the chemistry as seen on the hit series, where both play vampires.

The hit show has been renewed for a sixth season and fans of the series want to know if Damon Salvatore will be back as the bad vampire that everybody loves.

Nina Dobrev might be a bit old for the role as Nora Grey is said to be a sixteen-year-old girl who would meet sixteen-year-old fallen angel, Patch Cipriano. Would this work out for both actors? Fans can't wait to find out the casting for the bestselling book and how the movie would turn out for them.

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