Hurricane Sandy’s Fury on a Full Moon, Images on Twitter and Instagram [PHOTOS]

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Sandy is pummeling the U.S. East Coast Monday night, coinciding with a full moon which intensifies its fury. Social networks and photo sites, like Twitter and Instagram, are busy receiving images from its users. See some of these #Sandy snaps in the accompanying slideshow.

Hurricane Sandy and the Full Moon

Sandy makes a mark in U.S. history as one of the very rare and very nasty weather systems to make New York City a direct target. And as if it could plan its assault, Sandy arrives on a  full moon to inflict real pain.

Sandy has already been downgraded from hurricane to superstorm level, but the rising waters won't easily be tamed. Egging on the waters on a full moon could lead to more serious damages.

During a full moon, the sun and the moon take position on opposite sides of the Earth. Both cosmic bodies then tug on Earth, effectively pulling the waters up, resulting in higher tides. National Geographic reports further on the "full moon effect."

Floodwaters have started to rise and electric power has been out in many places on the East Coast as of this moment. Those in New York and New Jersey, as well as their friends and loved ones, keep themselves updated via social networks.

Twitter Updates: Hurricane Central

Here are some of the tweets made by Hurricane Central within the past 30 minutes (9:00-9:30PM, ET):

- From NHC: Hurricane force wind gusts reported over Long Island and the NY metro areas #Sandy

- Water covering runway intersection at #NYC LaGuardia Airport, per media report. #Sandy

- Hurricane Sandy: 9 PM ET, 80 mph winds, Cat 1, 947 mb, moving WNW at 21 mph.

Hurricane Sandy may have been powered up by the full moon, but it is not going to last. The hope is to keep damages to a minimum.

#Sandy Photos on Twitter and Instagram

See some of the photos shared with the global netizens via Twitter and Instagram. Be informed, some of the photos need verification, e.g. shark in the neighborhood. Other photos are meant to bring a smile despite the anxiety caused by Sandy, e.g. Josh Groban's posted image. We thank everyone -- civilians, celebrities, journalists -- whose snaps have been included here. These images help document Sandy's fury for the world to see. [Click 'Start']

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