'Hunger Games' Sequel: With Gary Ross Out, Who Should Direct 'Catching Fire'?


Anyone who has kept their eyes and ears glued to the "Hunger Games" would know that Director, Gary Ross, has abandoned ship for the shoot of "Catching Fire."

Yet even with the news that he won't be all hands off on the sequel, fans are in rage questioning why he had suddenly decided to leave production. So with Gary Ross out, who among Hollywood's topnotch directors is worthy of directing "Catching Fire"?

November 22, 2013 is the much anticipated release of the sequel to Suzanne Collins post-apocalyptic novel but with the director for the "Hunger Games" out, would this mean the film release might be moved later? Well, it won't as long as Lionsgate finds a suitable director for "Catching Fire."

Gary Ross may be one out of many Hollywood directors who have earned an Oscar nod for his film works namely "Seabiscuit," but if there would be an Oscar nominated director worthy of "Catching Fire" then it would be none other than the great, Steven Spielberg.

Fans have been screaming his name all over polls and heated debates as to who could direct the second film. However, with a few other directors who have proven prowess in the impossible on film such as Peter Jackson and Michael Bay, Steven might not be the only choice. If rumors were indeed true about Gary Ross leaving due to financial matters, then it's no doubt production could not afford the likes of Spielberg as well.

"Harry Potter's" Alfonso Cuaron is also included in a few fan suggestions along with Ridley Scott. Frank Darabont who was the former executive producer of the highly acclaimed television series, "Walking Dead" was also mentioned a few times on internet polls. Other worthy suggestions include Christopher Nolan, Simon Beaufoy and Jon Favreau.

Fans may be on frenzy as to who may produce "Catching Fire" but they also fail to mention Steven Soderbergh as a likely director. Soderbergh, as fans may recall, had aided in a few weeks production on the set of "The Hunger Games".

If there is one director to do the job then Steven would be the man given that he has already worked with the cast on set and Gary Ross had given him a chance to work alongside the first film.

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