'Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson Talks Tattoos

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"Hunger Games" hunk, Josh Hutcherson, appears to have a wild streak and it comes in the form of body art.

The "Boy with the Bread" recently flaunted his "naughty" nautical tattoo last month. This alone had got fans in frenzy and they'll be glad to hear Josh is planning to get inked more.

Last April, Josh was snapped getting into his car after basketball. Apart from the sweaty look, fans caught a glimpse of Josh's massive tattoo.

According to sources, the blank anchor with red tips was inked on Josh's torso earlier this year. This isn't the 19-year-olds' first tattoo given that Josh has the Libra zodiac sign inked on his wrist. Reports claim Josh had got this done at the age of 16.

While fans of Josh may think that the Libra and Sailor tattoo are enough body ink to get by, the Vanguard Honoree is still up to add more tats. During the White House Correspondents Dinner last week, Josh talks tattoos plus his plans to get more in an interview with Access Hollywood.

"I love tattoos," said Josh, adding, "I like the traditional kind, like the old Sailor Jerry style."

"I'm going to get a lot more," said Hutcherson. "So watch out!"

If Josh plans on getting more tattoos, then he could learn a thing or two from Orlando Bloom. In the midst of "Lord of the Rings'" popularity, Bloom and his co-stars had commemorative tattoos done.

Given "The Hunger Games" will be a big franchise as well, Josh could do with a Peeta Mellark tribute tattoo or any ink directly related to "The Hunger Games" franchise.

Getting inked appears to become a trend for Hollywood celebrities. Just last week, Scarlett Johansson of "The Avengers" had a tattoo done on her wrist. Singer, Demi Lovato, has also been one celebrity who has gotten a few quotes etched onto her skin. Josh Hutcherson should definitely get ideas from these sassy ladies before getting himself another tattoo done.

As for his fans, as long as Josh doesn't get a tattoo etched across his pretty face then everything would be fine.

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