‘Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence Look-A-Likes: Lee Sobieski and Helen Hunt [PHOTOS]


Many have said that the lead star of 'The Hunger Games,' Jennifer Lawrence is the next big star in the industry who will follow the steps of the veteran actresses in Hollywood like Jodie Foster or Meryl Streep. Her fame all started when she was first nominated for Oscar's Best Actress for her dark role in an independent movie called 'Winter's Bone.'

However, not many notice easy that Lawrence's beauty is not that new. In fact, her features remind fans of a strong resemblance with other Hollywood actresses in the past, such as Leelee Sobieskee and Helen Hunt.

Check out the slideshow for more pictures of these three actresses who share similar features!

Leelee Sobieski was recently seen in 'Love & Other Drugs' but during the earlier parts of her career, she was seen in popular movies then like 'The Glass House,' 'Never Been Kissed,' 'Here on Earth,' and 'Joyride.' Her career took a halt when she gave birth to a baby daughter in 2009. Nevertheless, during the peak of her career, she was often compared to looking very close to a veteran actress, Helen Hunt.

Helen Hunt is the daughter of an acting mentor, Gordon Hunt. Her most popular was opposite Jack Nicholson for 'As Good As It Gets,' along with her amazing portrayal in 'Twister' way back in 1996. Hunt was recently seen in a Sundance independent film entitled 'The Surrogate.'

Jennifer Lawrence may surely have some slight similarities with these two actresses but it cannot be denied that the peak of youth still remains the most dominant of all. Also, Lawrence looks like Sobieski and Hunt when she wears no make-up at all.


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