'Hunger Games' Hunk, Josh Hutcherson Involved in Nude Scandal?

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"Hunger Games" hunk, Josh Hutcherson didn't wait long for the sequel "Catching Fire" to "catch fire." For one, Josh started his own flame of desire by allegedly joining online dating sites. Nudes of the star had apparently been leaked on the web. How true are the photos and what has Josh Hutcherson have to say?

This isn't the first time Josh Hutcherson has fallen victim to a nude scandal. Early in 2012 a few weeks after Hutcherson catapulted into the Hollywood fame, nude photos of what appeared to be Josh flooded the web. Now, it looks as if the same issue is at hand with the release of yet another nude pic.

In a report by the Life of the Rich and Famous, Josh Hutcherson had been going on dating sites under the name of Connor. One of the girls "Connor" had been messaging with nude photos had leaked them on the web.

"A year ago or so, 20-year old Josh Hutcherson was allegedly caught on a online dating site.. under the name, "Connor". 'Connor' was not only sending photos to girls but actual videos of him pleasuring himself to someone who we gladly got a hold of. After reaching out to his team for a comment, all we got was legal threats," stated the blog.

While the photo appears to be a fake, fans who have seen the nude photo claim it is that of Josh Hutcherson. The iconic tattoo on the right hip indicates that it is indeed the "Hunger Games" hunk, Josh Hutcherson.

Representatives of Josh Hutcherson are yet to speak up on the matter. If anything, the tattoo could most likely be a copycat tattoo. As for Josh, the "Catching Fire" star obviously doesn't need help from online dating sites to get a girl.

Fans may recall that Josh was spotted leaving the Golden Globe after party with Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The two were seen holding hands at the event. Gomez isn't the only Hollywood star connected to Josh given rumours circulated that Hutcherson was "dating" the "Carrie Diaries" star, Chloe Bridges.

The nude photo scandal is certainly a fake and even if it is proven to be Josh Hutcherson, Hollywood has learned to turn a blind eye about such jaw-dropping photos.

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