Hundreds of Men Rape Teen for Three Years

  @AringoYenko on August 27 2014 5:10 PM

A Rotherham girl spoke about the harrowing rape she experienced from hundreds of men every day for three years when she was just between the ages of 12 and 15.

The Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council released a report on the horrifying sexual exploitation of at least 1,400 children in Rotherham that took place from 1997 through 2013.

The report revealed that children as young as 11 were gang raped by numbers of men. Some of them were later trafficked to other cities in England. They were also beaten and coerced through all means possible.

There were "children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone," the report reads.

One of the victims, a girl now in her 20s, courageously spoke about her sickening experience of being raped by five men simultaneously, every day.

How It All Begun

The girl said that her nightmare begun when she and her friends started hanging out at McDonald's restaurants and local amusements arcades during weekends. They later met a group of boys who eventually introduced them to older men.

At first, the men gave her soft drugs, alcohol, bought her cigarettes and pay for her McDonald's meals. She was very young then that she thought everything was just about building friendship.

She was naive. She came from a very loving, good background, supportive family. And yet, she found herself one night pinned down by two other men while being raped by a third man. The rape happened outdoor, on market stalls, while one of her girl friends was watching.

"He would rape me once a week every week and that's when he started to gain control over me and when I started to fear him, and not just him but everyone else within that gang.I'd have to have sex with his cousins or whoever wanted to have sex with me. And I very much become like an object and that's how they treated me," the girl told Sky News UK.

The Rape Continues

The gang had terrorised her by threatening to "get my mum and gang-rape her and make me watch, which I wasn't going to let happen. So I kept things to myself and I also continued to go (and meet them) because of these threats."

 As she was very young then, she agreed to have sex as she was beaten if she refused. She was also being threatened that the men will approach her parents and tell them that she owed them money for drugs.

She was able to report the rape to police in April 2003 but nothing happened.

Her rapists waited for her outside her home, threatened her family until they were forced to move out from UK when she was 15.

They Still Roam Free Raping Young Girls

Returning to UK at 17, she said she could still see her rapists walking the streets, free, victimising countless young girls - even until now that she is already at her 20s.

It did not bother her seeing them. What disturbed her was the fact that after ten years, these men continue to ruin lives and that they were now able to bring their cousins from Bradford and Birmingham" and "all over the UK".

"It bothers me that in the last 10 years that I exited sexual exploitation, how many other people's lives have been ruined?How many families have they ripped apart?  How many more people have they raped? Their world and their lives will never be the same again - and that is what's frightening."

Rotherham Council Have Failed

"Social care, safe-guarding, the council, the police, education, none of them did anything to try to stop this at all. I blame them (the authorities) as much as my perpetrators," the girl said.

Professor Alexis Jay, who wrote the report, found that there was a collective failure with how the Rotherham Council's children's services department handled the case.

Further independent investigation found that the majority of the rapists were described as Pakistani-Asians by the victims.

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