'Human Mermaid’ Hannah Fraser Swims with Man-Eating Sharks

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Model and marine conservationist Hannah Fraser danced with man-eating tiger sharks to show her protest against worldwide killing of the species, and to prove that sharks could not be that "scary".

Fraser swam 50 ft underwater of the Atlantic Ocean in the Bahamas and danced with a shoal of deadly sharks. An absolute daredevil attempt that basically placed her life into a big risk, Fraser dived without any equipment, clad only in blue body paint and bikini. Her ensemble is strategically designed to prevent the fearful sea creatures from mistaking her into a fish and eat her alive.

In the breathtaking footage shot by award-winning photographer and cinematographer Shawn Heinrichs, Fraser is seen dancing gracefully on the bottom of the seabed with a group of sharks swimming beside her. The 38-year-old acrobat and self-proclaimed "human-mermaid" kept moving to prevent the sharks from attacking, and in some chances, she is touching the sharks to share a connection with them.

"I learned how to touch them in the right way to allow a connection that they felt comfortable with, and amazingly enough, I found out that they actually love being tickled on the nose," Fraser said in an interview.

The performance was done in collaboration with filmmaker Shawn Heinrichs to primarily oppose the controversial West Australian shark cull. With Fraser's astonishing courage, the team want to send a powerful message-that sharks are a threatened species, and they are slowly exterminated due to rampant fishing and finning by humans. The risky effort does not only speak for the Australian shark cull though, but for the global slaughter of the animals according to Heinrichs.

Fraser admitted that many people have asked her why she would put her in danger for the mission. Her answer is simple yet meaningful, she believes that "all animals play an essential role in keeping our ocean ecosystems in balance, but humans have a history of annihilated what they find as competition to the extent that "we are now threatening our very existence on this planet."

With their documentary "Tears of a Mermaid," Fraser hopes that it can change the mind of the West Australian government before giving a go signal into yet another shark cull following the cull that have ended last May.

Click Here to Watch Hannah Fraser's Death Defying Dance with the Tiger Sharks

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