Human Dolls Anastasiya Shpagina and Venus Angelic Dance the Gangnam Style [PHOTOS and VIDEO]

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Living dolls Anastasiya Shpagina and Venus Angelic joined the whole world and danced the Gangnam Style.

The two met in Poland and as they spent a whole day together strolling some of the gorgeous spots in the city, they also made a funny video of themselves dancing the worldwide dance craze that everybody is dancing.

In her YouTube account, Venus posted a video yesterday of herself with Anastasiya. In the video, Venus is teaching Anastasiya the steps. Anyone who watches the video will be fascinated as the two carry out the steps wearing their cute doll-like outfits.

The funny thing is there are times that Anastasiya is clueless of what Venus is trying to tell her. In the end, Venus apologizes to the viewers.

Despite the communication barrier, the two girls seemed to have fun together and were able to somehow understand each other. Anastasiya does not speak in English, but the two have a translator that helped them understand each other. Venus Angelic also said that they were able to understand each other because of their chemistry.

"Uhm, when we met we had  a lot of fun together, even though she doesn't speak English! >< We had a translator though, huh! And we could somehow understand us well because the chemistry worked, too, hehe! She's very nice, friendly and polite, a bit shy but sometimes not so shy hehe! And a sweetheart darling <3333," Venus posted on her Tumblr account.

The two girls became overnight sensations after their photos and videos went viral on the cyberspace because of their appearance. Venus Palermo also known as Venus Angelic, becomes an internet sensation early this year by looking like a doll. Her huge eyes, porcelain skin and costumes made her look like a human doll.

Anastasiya Shpagina, on the other hand, was tagged as the real life anime girl since she resembles characters in Japanese cartoons or animations.

See the photos of the two lovable human dolls Anastasiya Shpagina and Venus Angelic and watch the video of how they work out the moves of the horse dance craze "Gangnam Style" below. 

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