Human Doll Valeria Lukyanova's Hobbies Include Traveling, Mountain Climbing, Spirituality[PHOTOS]

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Aside from perfecting her surreal looks, human doll, Valeria Lukyanova, reveals the things in life she is passionate about and it gives an insight into her personal life.

When not posting make-up tutorial videos on her YouTube account or updating her Facebook page, human doll, Valeria Lukyanova, enjoys an adventurous life. In her exclusive interview with V Magazine, the Ukrainian internet sensation shares that she is into high-adrenaline activities and traveling.

"I have traveled all over, and I love extreme recreation and adrenaline." admits Lukyanova in the interview. Indeed, the model posts many photos of herself in different places around the world, recently in a tropical white sand beach paradise where she is seen in a pink bikini. Being a natural risk-taker, the human doll says that her passion comes from a deep understanding within herself and positive energy.  

"I'm not afraid of anything, and I love taking risks. I love the unknown. I observe the flow of energy and bring its vibrations into my work. In my view, you can say it with music better than with words." bravely shares the model.

With her statements, it is obvious that Valeria is into Buddhism, yoga, and meditation. Instead of retaliation, the model exerts positive reaction and energy when her looks are met with negative comments from her critics and activists.

She believes that her popularity could be a tool in spreading positivity to her followers, no matter if she is referred as "artificial" and "plastic" at times.

"I believe that because of [my internet popularity] I have a responsibility to bring more good, light, and positive emotions to people. I want to share my art and my music and tell people about my spiritual ideas.  explains Lukyanova.

"When you feel happy, you want to tell everyone about it so that others become happier too... " quickly added the Internet icon.

"I know the other side of celebrity is negativity, but I see it in a positive light. If people care about me, then I am on the right path. In real life, I never hear bad things."

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