Human Doll, Valeria Lukyanova, Reveals Married Life with Husband: No Sex, No Children [PHOTOS]

  on February 28 2013 12:06 PM

Ukrainian Internet sensation, Valeria Lukyanova revealed juicy details about her personal life with husband, Dmitry Shkrabov.

Adored and scrutinized by many, Valeria Lukyanova is known for her doll-like features that she achieves through make-up artistry and several plastic surgery procedures. Though a lot of people don't agree with her version of beauty, one man is deeply in-love and committed to her: her husband Dmitry.

In a report, the human doll revealed her and Dmitry's passions in life, and how supportive he is to her endeavors as a model and traveler.

"Dmitry is always on my side. He loves and supports me. He likes me with make-up and without," says Valeria in a report by The Sun. The living doll also shared their mutual fondness of eating only vegetables, and hiking mountains.

"He became a strict vegetarian even earlier than I did. He is fond of mountains - he conquered Mount Elbrus. We were on Everest, went to Nepal and the Himalayan mountain range." gladly reveals Valeria.

One shocking and "modern" agreement the husband and wife have is their similar view on having an open relationship and the fact that they do not want children. Valeria says that in "their universe," there being asexual means not having children. An uncanny and "weird" decision, but she is a human doll after all.

"In general we support an open relationship." explains Valeria, to which she added,

"I don't feel the desire and the capacity to be a mother," she said. "I'm from another universe. There, everyone is asexual - in our dimension there's no such thing as children." Further explained Valeria in the same report by The Sun.

Another shock that the living doll revealed is her shyness when asked about her sex life with husband, Dmitry. She says she is not interested in "animal instincts," making the couple seem more like "brother and sister" instead of an actual husband and wife.

"I do not have animal urges. Some people enjoy eating the most, some having sex. I will say one thing - the less you make this so-called love, the better." concluded Valeria.

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