Human Body Parts Fall From the Sky Over Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Just when no extraordinary thing was expected to happen on an ordinary day, human body parts start falling from the sky in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. According to police, it could possibly be the remains of an individual who may have been trapped in the wheel bay of an aircraft.

According to police spokesman Nawaf bin Naser al-Bouq, a witness reported the sudden falling of the human parts from the sky at around 2:30 a.m. The remains fell at an intersection somewhere within the Mushrefa neighborhood, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

As investigations are now being held, primary assumptions indicate that it could have fallen from the landing gear of a plane. The assumption is based on previous news reports where some people ride inside airplane bays as a desperate move to cross borders. Such can happen especially in airports that have poor monitoring systems. The problematic part is that the bays of the planes are where the landing gear is located, too.

As a result, most of the individuals who climb inside can freeze to death as the aircraft flies high, although some are lucky enough to survive.

In 2010, the death of a man was reported in a Beirut airport. The man was believed to have sneaked his way into the runway and hid right on the wheel bay of a jet bound to Saudi Arabia. The  chief of airport security resigned after the incident. The dead body was discovered in Riyadh by a maintenance worker who was conducting an inspection of the landing gear of the Nas Air Airbus 320. added that the recent case of human body parts falling from the sky is not related at all to the emergency landing that a Saudi Arabian Airlines jet did in Medina on Sunday. The emergency landing reportedly got 29 people injured. The said aircraft was known to have been traveling from Mashhad, Iran, with a total of 315 passengers on board.

Stay in touch with us as we give you more updates on possible follow up on the investigation of this case. Meanwhile, watch the video below for other strange things that have fallen from the sky:

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