“Human Barbie” Valerie Lukyanova Posted Controversial Video On Facebook

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Valerie Lukyanova has become Internet-famous for doll-like appearance and "spiritual teachings." For her physical similarities to a "Barbie doll," she is named as the "Real-Life Barbie".

Lukyanova has amassed a huge YouTube following over the past few years and many controversies swirled around her questioning her "out-of-body" travel and her "out of the world" appearance. But the Ukrainian model is again raising eyebrows on 7th November: she has posted a video on her facebook account.

In the video Lukyanova is posing in many outfits and background music is being played. In the latter, she is clad in a tunic with a print of Hindu God "Lord Shiva' on it. As she earlier in many interviews and in "Space Barbie," documentary (created by VICE) revealed about her "out-of-body" travel, spiritual teachings, and her ultimate goal in life hence she might be trying to deliver some spiritual message through this video. If not so then one more controversy is in order.

Watch the video below :


Want to know more about Valerie Lukyanova the "Real-Life Barbie?" Read a few excerpts from her interview with www.thedailybeast.com.

How do you feel that people call you a "real-life Barbie"? Anna Nemtsova of www.thedailybeast.com asked.

"Look, to me the Barbie doll looks perfect; it was created as a human idol. When I adopted her image, it felt very positive, at first-I constantly heard compliments from everybody around me. But then I got a lot of insulting comments questioning my intellect. That was painful and bad for my reputation, since I'm a spiritual teacher for many people." Answered Lukyanova.

What made you want to become a spiritual teacher?

"My out-of-body experiences began when I was a little girl: I could travel outside of my body to other planets and universes. Back then it happened spontaneously and now I can control my trips and travel only when I feel like it. For the last four years, I have been teaching seminars on meditation and out-of-body travel." She continued.

So you communicate with aliens?

"All the time. My communication with aliens is not verbal-we speak the language of light. I have learned a lot from my contact with them. Now I know that my spirit is very old. And also that humans are the least sophisticated civilization-we're on the lowest level of evolution. Aliens helped me understand everything about the creation of our world. It turns out that the truth has nothing to do with how religions interpret it." She explained.

Do you feel like your appearance is just as important as the spiritual work you do? How does your appearance help your spiritual work?

"Yes, my unusual appearance helps me attract clients to my spiritual practice. I don't think I would be so popular if I looked ordinary. Every week I get emails from hundreds of fans interested in my spiritual seminars." She confessed that her looks helps her in her work.

Are you married? Are you planning to become a mother?

"Yes, I am married to somebody I have known since school. Our fathers were friends. My husband and I are very close. No, I am never going to have my own children. Once when I travelled outside my body, I remembered that I was not a human and my spirit is not a human spirit-I should not have children in this world." She revealed about her married life.

There are photos on the Internet that purport to show you as a teenager, and you look a lot different from the way you do today. Can you explain?

"Most of my old pictures that you find on the Internet are Photoshopped. Don't believe any stories about me having rib-removing surgeries-they aren't true. The only surgery I had was the breast surgery. My mother's waist is as narrow as mine-I inherited that from her."She revealed about the breast surgery.

What kind of clothes make you feel the most comfortable?

"I don't like workout clothes. I prefer feminine clothes, dresses, high heels, platform shoes-everything that emphasizes the shape of my body. I would never wear any loose or baggy clothes. My favorite brand is Dolce & Gabbana." She told about her sartorial sense and favorite brand.

Your YouTube page has millions of views. What's the secret to your success?

"I enjoy my popularity although I can't understand the English-language comments. No doubt, it is my inner energy that attracts people-there are plenty of beautiful women in the world, but millions choose to watch my videos. I also think somebody is behind all the bad comments about me, as the negative wave [in my comments] began as soon as my spiritual seminars first became popular. Overnight, all the websites started screaming about the real-life Barbie, a dumb blonde girl. I am sure it was some sort of contract order aimed at ruining my reputation." She ultimately revealed her secret to success.

What's next for your career? Do you have any more plans to model? Write a book? Have a TV show?

"I have already published a book about my astral trips. My plan is to develop my music career. I already have more than 100 songs in my repertoire. No matter how many bad things people say about me, soon I'll become a pop star and a popular teacher about out-of-body experiences." She further explained about her plans.

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