Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova 'Scary' Thin Waist: Looks More Human in Make-Up Free Bikini Selfie

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Valeria Lukyanova, the Human Barbie doll, has recently posted a make-up free bikini selfie on her Facebook which appears more human than a plastic doll.

Lukyanova has always maintained an alter ego in public where she is seen wearing heavy make-up with her signature dark eyeliner and flawless skin.

In the photo the Human Barbie is seen wearing a two-piece flaunting her tiny waist and augmented breasts. Experts thought Lukyanova's extremely tiny waist is a cause of worry. She was apparently gone on a Breatharian diet, which requires her to live only on the energy of light and air.

Regarding her diet she wrote on her Facebook account, "I'm hoping it's the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone."

The supporters of Breatharian diet believed they can live for long periods without food and water on transcendental life energy. But there have been cases when people practicing this extreme form of diet have starved to death.

Apparently, Valeria believed she is not human and has a spiritual soul.

"My out-of-body experiences began when I was a little girl: I could travel outside of my body to other planets and universes," the Human Barbie told the Daily Beast, adding I am never going to have my own children. Once when I traveled outside my body, I remembered that I was not human and my spirit is not a human spirit. I should not have children in this world."

The Human Barbie's lifestyle and obsession with tiny waist was a serious cause of concern for the teengirl's parents as they thought that Barbie doll has become a role model for the young girls and the way Valeria is propagating the importance of perfect figure could lead their young girls to starve.

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