Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Posts Astonishing 'Make-up Free' Selfies on Facebook Account--Find Out Other Crazy Surgeries She Had!

By @Ze_Charm on

The Human Barbie who hails from Ukraine has astonished people all over the world once more-and it is not because of one of her bizarre getup as the world's famous doll but because of her rather normal pictures of herself that have been plastered on Facebook for fans to see. The Ukranian model is a far cry from Mattel's famous plastic doll when she is not sporting heavy makeup.

The Human Barbie posted remotely makeup free selfies of her in the gym showing the real face of the model for her more than one million followers to see. The model and singer is now giving her fans a glimpse of what she really looks like sans the heavy layers of makeup that she usually dons to achieve the Human Barbie aura.

Valeria Lukyanova has come under fire after saying racist remarks about beauty and feminism. In an interview with GQ magazine, the Human Barbie said that the European beauty was degenerating due to all of the race-mixing that has been happening.

The Human Barbie doll is not in good terms with her male counterpart, Justin Jedlica also known as the Human Ken. Jedlica called the Ukranian beauty a 'drag queen' who loves to hide under heavy layers of makeup and whatnot. Jedlica also claimed that Lukyanova has had countless surgical operations to achieve her look although the Ukranian 28-year old has claimed otherwise.

Of course, the selfies that appear on the models Facebook fanpage are not completely without makeup. The model made sure to brush a little eyeshadow on her eerily doll-like eyes to achieve larger and fuller peepers.

Lukyanova definitely knows how to shock people all over the globe. Her alarming beauty practices have made her the subject of countless tirades and criticisms. It is reported that in order to achieve a small waist just like Barbie, Lukyanova went the extra mile to get rid of a pair of her ribs. Claims on anorexia and of extended starvation have long been plaguing the racist Barbie doll due to her thin and fragile frame that sports inflated breast cups.

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