Human Barbie is Human Ken’s Arch Nemesis: ‘I Make an Even Prettier Barbie Than She does’

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After her racist remarks, "Human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova is on the spotlight once again as "Human Ken" Justin Jedlica called her uninteresting and not fake enough.

The two human doll look alikes met at a photoshoot. But unfortunately they did not end up falling in love but instead toward different directions.

Apparently "Human Ken" was disgusted by "Human Barbie."

"I don't really get her," Jedlica said in an interview with GQ.

"I don't get why people think she's so interesting. She has extensions. She wears stage makeup. She's an illusionist."

Why the fake comment? Well unlike Justin who had approximately 140 surgical procedures to look more like a Ken Doll, Valeria uses make up and other enhancers so she can look more like Barbie. Aside from her ultimate goal which is to look more like a Mattel doll, the two doll wannabees have nothing in common.

Although the "Human Barbie" hasn't divulged how she achieved her look, the star of "my Strange Addiction: I'm a Living Doll" is extremely open about his journey to perfection. His addiction to plastic surgery started when he was 13 when he was interesting to achieve a high-class lifestyle. In achieving that, he needs to change the way he looks.

 "The doll really exemplifies the ideal male aesthetic," Human Ken said in an interview with GQ posted on TLC.

"I always wanted to be on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, and you know...I'm kind of famous and I'm kind of rich."

The 33-year-old "Human ken" is currently living in New York and believes that his girl counterpart is "nothing special."

"Valeria presents herself as a real-life Barbie doll, but she is nothing more than an illusion who dresses like a drag queen," he told the Daily Mail last year.

"As soon as you wipe away all that makeup, she's just a plain Jane and there's absolutely nothing special about her," he added.

"Valeria has been my arch-nemesis ever since we met each other earlier this year."

"By dressing up like her twin I wanted to prove that anyone can look like Barbie, even Ken!" he said.

"And in all honesty, I think I make an even prettier Barbie than she does!"

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