Human Barbie Doll Valeriya Lukyanova Shares Advice How to Have Body Like Hers [PHOTOS]

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Real life Barbie Doll Valeriya Lukyanova shared a piece of advice to women who wished to have the same flattering figure like hers.

In her Facebook account, Valeria posted that the key into an ideal figure is "raw food diet and sports" attached with a photo of herself in her gym clothes.

She said that women should engage themselves into sports. She tried to scare the girls trying out crash diet because one may lose weight but the skin will sag.

The internet celebrity also discouraged girls to use diet pills due to the harmful effects in the body.

Valeria previously shared her secrets in her tiny waist. In a translated interview of the human Barbie, Valeria was asked "What do you do to stay in shape?"

"I do a serious workout in the gym three times a week and I run a lot. It is important not to eat for two hours after your work out-just drink liquids. I prefer liquid foods. But don't drink water with your food if you want to have a slim body. The biggest secret is the amounts of food I have-they are very small," she answered.

Liquid foods and small servings of food are Valeria's key to her very slim waistline, which measured 19 inches. In her recent photos, Valeria always highlight her waist by wearing sexy and skimpy clothes.

However, some netizens said that Valeria is too thin almost to the point that she looks anorexic.

See the slideshow for the photos of Valeria Lukyanova showing off her ideal figure.

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