Human Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova Alleged Childhood Photos Prove She Is a Living Doll Ever Since [PHOTOS]

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Alleged childhood photos of real life Barbie doll Valeria Lukyanova surfaced online and proved that she looks like a doll since she was a kid.

Although it is unconfirmed that the photos are that of Valeria, there is a high resemblance on her current looks. The photos were posted on a Facebook account of a Valeriya Lukyanova.

It has been an undying issue that Valeria had surgery to achieve her out of this world looks. This is further fuelled by her photos from the past showing a drastic difference between her past and present look.

However, she admitted that she only had her breast augmented to make them a little bigger. Additionally, she constantly denied that she underwent facial surgery.

Valeria said that she got her looks from her mother and she diligently practices diet and exercise in order to keep her tiny waist and figure.

In one of her interviews, Valeria was asked regarding "photos on the Internet that purport to show you as a teenager, and you look a lot different from the way you do today. Can you explain?"

"Most of my old pictures that you find on the Internet are photoshopped. Don't believe any stories about me having rib-removing surgeries-they aren't true. The only surgery I had was the breast surgery. My mother's waist is as narrow as mine. I inherited that from her," Valeria answered.

Valeria insisted that she achieved her looks through make up. She said that she offers tutorial so that people can copy her look. Valeria also believes that her looks inspires other people to improve their appearance, eat healthy, and live a more active, creative life.

See the slideshow for the cute childhood photos of Valeria Lukyanova.

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