Human Barbie is a 'Dead Mannequin' With No Personality - Human Ken Justin Jedlica

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Human Barbie, a.k.a. Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova, has became a sensation due to her immense weight loss measures and her recent meeting with Human Ken, a.k.a. Justin Jedlica, who apparently is not impressed by her.

Jedlica recently sat down for an interview with US Weekly and told not so good things about Valeria. Jedlica is gay and married his partner in July 2013. The 32-year-old New Yorker has undergone immense surgical procedures to achieve Human Ken-like looks.

Regarding Human Barbie he said to the publication, "She was cute and seemed overall sweet," suggesting in spite of her efforts he failed to click with Valeria.

"I tried to give her a hug and crack up with her. She wasn't really having it," he added.

Jedlica suggested Valeria was trying to look like a mannequin even when cameras were off.

"If she gives off too much emotion or personality, people aren't going to associate her with a plastic object. With a dead mannequin. Right?"

"You don't speak, you don't laugh, there's no personality. So, why are we giving you the time of day? As an out gay male, as a stepfather of two kids, you kind of start to think . . . what are you using your celebrity for?" he further gave his views regarding Valeria's personality.

This was not the first time that Human Ken has slammed Human Barbie. With regard to Human Barbie's interview to GQ, she said racism is causing degeneration of beauty standards. 

"I mean, give me a break," Jedlica said. "Whole weird shtick about multi-racial people" and "why we have plastic surgery. "It's so inconsequential. And moreover, it's damaging," he added.

"She's getting out there and basically preaching Nazism."

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