Hugh Jackman Helps Overweight Friend To Lose Weight for the New York Marathon

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Gus Worland, a friend of Hugh Jackman, is slightly on the higher end of the weighing scale and now he wants to get fit to take part in the New York Marathon which is due to take place in November. Hugh Jackman has extended his help to his friend to help him get fit.

Gus Worland is an Australian radio and TV personality, who weighed a massive 308 pounds before training and it is said that has lost 55 pounds so far with his target being 88 pounds in total. Hugh Jackman, 45 years of age, is known for his fit body and has thrown a challenge of running in the New York City marathon at his friend. 

The journey of becoming fat to fit is being filmed and made into a documentary series. Gus has been getting loads of tips from the 'Wolverine' star, who is also his childhood friend. The series is being called 'Gus Worland: Marathon Man' which whill be telecasted on the channel A&E on Foxtel in the later part of the year.

The documentary will show Gus taking on different challenges in different episodes and the finale of the series would be Gus running the marathon. Hugh Jackman, in support of his friend, has promised that he will be at the New York marathon to cheer him on, if his schedule allows him to do so.

After five years of being fat and being inspired by his childhood best friend, Gus decided that it was time for him to lose weight. His other friends from the industry were not as excited as his best buddy but then later gave him full support as they seemed to have generated an interest in the idea.

Gus Worland had told Daily Mail Australia that Hugh Jackman and he spoke a lot and Hugh gave him advice that was honest and reflected his passion. 

He joked, "He's proud of me but is not concerned that I'll take over [his role as] Wolverine."

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